We are proud to present the Chablais Open 2023. The trial will be held on 3 fields with 3 different flocks of sheep. This allows us to take 70 entries (6 runs/dog). The trial will be held in the area of Les Evouettes (zip code CH-1897) and all fields will be within walking distance of the headquarters (field A).

There will be a dinner on Saturday evening already included in the entry fee of CHF 200.

At the headquarters (field A) there will be food and drinks available all day every day. In the evening we’d love to invite you to the bar for a happy get together.

Entries will open April 1st, 2023 at 11 o’clock on this website.

We look forward to meeting handlers from all over the (sheepdog) world.


The Chablais Open will be held on 3 different fields (A, B and C). Running 3 fields allows us to take 70 entries. There will be different flocks of sheep on each field. We greatly appreciate the trust of the owners in lending their sheep to us and kindly thank them for their cooperation.

Route de la Praille 68, Les Evouettes 

All flocks are DNA tested negative for foot rot. Each field will have a tub ready to disinfect your boots before and after your run.

Sämtliche Herden sind Moderhinke saniert.

Damit das so bleibt, werden Becken mit Lösungen bereitgestellt, um die Stiefel darin vor betreten der Felder zu desinfizieren.

Field A

Field B

Field C